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What You Should Know to Get A Good and Accurate Reading!

Why do some people seem to get so much relevant and valuable information from their readings?
There is an art to getting a good psychic reading. If you are serious about obtaining useful information,
there are ways that you can assure that you will get the most out of your readings.

Do: CREATE A SACRED SPACE, a quiet place, in your mind, at least, but, also in your space if possible. Burn a candle, if you can because this keeps the energy vital and moving. If you have a favorite crystal or stone that has meaning for you, hold it or place it in front of you. If you have a sacred picture that has spiritual meaning for you, please place it where you can see it. This calls in the Spiritual guides that mean the most to you and assures that you will receive a positive reading.

Do: PREPARE YOURSELF AND HAVE A PURPOSE FOR THE READING. Every good psychic cringes when they are asked to "just tell me the future". I know that the skeptics tell you that this is the way to see if we are really good or not, but, the truth is that the future is a very broad subject and doesn't allow us to focus in on what's important to you now.
Remember, it's your time and money here and it would seem to me that you would want your psychic to move right into the area you are most interested in, quickly and clearly. Prepare a few important questions to ask so that you can define the scope of your reading. You don't have to explain all the details at great length, but, at least give the reader a clear direction to focus on.

Before you begin, take a few deep breaths, ground yourself, clear your mind of the day's distractions ... they will distract the reader as well.

If you believe, please say a prayer and invite your angels and guides to surround you and help the reader get all the imformation that you need.

Do: OPEN YOUR HEART AND MIND TO THE READER. If you are so skeptical that you remain completely closed just to test the reader, you will be blocking a full and open reading. If you have prepared properly, you will have assured yourself that your own guides, spirits and angels are orchestrating the reading ... so, trust and open yourself up.

Do: BE PREPARED TO ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS. This is so that the reader can tell that they are really tuning into you and your energy. This is especially important if you live in an apartment building, have other people in your living space, or are very upset at the time of the reading. These questions should not be leading, but, just questions that help the reader determine if they are on the right track. Once a reader knows you well, this may not be as important.

Don't: EXPECT THE PSYCHIC TO PLAY GAMES. "Trick the Psychic" is a game that most skeptics encourage you to play, as a means of testing the psychic. The only way to test a
psychic is to record the reading or take notes and then see how accurate they are. Playing
games with the psychic is a waste of your time
and money. A good psychic won't take you seriously and allow you to waste their time. Good psychics have a long list of repeat callers and
won't take the time to "perform" for you.

If you find a psychic that is very busy ... that's the best way to be assured that they are accurate and effective because people don't call back for more unless the information they receive is valuable to them. It is worth the wait for a good reader!

Don't: EXPECT A GOOD READING, IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. If you are drinking, on drugs, or playing games ... you are
just wasting your money and the time of a psychic who could be talking to someone who really
needs their help.

It's ok to be doing a reading, "just for fun",
but take it a little bit seriously: calm and clear your mind. You will be much happier with the
information you gain. If you are not taking it seriously, it is hard for the psychic to move
through the fog to find quality, clear answers and
you will get a reading that is just as non-sensical
as you are being.

Psychics can provide you with clear insights, inspiration, guidance ... but, you are in control of your life. If you find a psychic telling you what to
do ... run for your life!

Life is not a roll of movie film that can be fast-forwarded to give you unfair advance notice
of coming events. Rather life is the consequence
of what you are doing today. This puts life fully in your control. You can change anything that you
don't like that seems to be coming up for you.
You can enhance anything that you want more of ...
but, you are in control of your life and can make it anything that you want.

You consult a psychic to get more information ...
to see what path you are on currently, where
you are heading ... to see if you need to make any
changes or need to put more energy out to accomplish your goals. Accept your own power ...
don't give it away and use your own instincts and
intuition to know best how and when to apply
what you've learned from your reading.


1. IT FEELS GOOD AND SEEMS "RIGHT" The psychic has accurately described you and the circumstances surrounding you in your life. She has correctly tuned into how you are feeling. She may predict events that seem too good to be true or are just unexpected, but, if she seems to really know you ... look forward to the event.

2. IT FEELS COMPLETE Completion means that you have the
insights and answers you were searching for. You have good information about what you can do about your situation and you have no more questions. A good reader does not end a reading (no matter what you've paid for) until it comes to a natural conclusion, until it feels complete.

3. YOU FEEL GOOD WHEN THE READING IS COMPLETE You should feel good about the reading, even if the reader has given you information that you didn't want to hear. "Its over" or "he has found someone else" or "It's time to move on, he doesn't want to change" are our most difficult and least well-received messages. If your reader is delivering bad news, they should also be giving you insights and information about how to cope, what the purpose of this event is, how you can avoid or minimize it and what positive effects this event will bring you in the long run. Every good psychic is empathic and feels your feelings.
They are loving and consider you their sister or brother or they wouldn't be doing this work. They want you to be able to have the best that life has to offer. A reading is intended to be Healing and Inspiring, so if you don't come away feeling good, it probably wasn't a good reading for you. On the other hand, sometimes we really need to hear the bad news and we really don't want to! So don't blame the messenger! You'd be amazed at how often the client who hangs up angry because they didn't hear what they wanted to hard ... almost always calls back six months later and tells the reader how much they appreciated the truth because they spent so much money and time calling the readers who only told them what they wanted to hear. In fact, you really do want to hear the truth, even if it's hard sometimes because you can more effectively deal with the truth and turn it into a better life for yourself.