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About Bonnie Joy Eagleheart ... | Amazingly Accurate Clairvoyant Psychic Readings | What You Should Know to Get A Good and Accurate Reading! | Powerful Prayers to Enhance Your Life! | Bookstore, Inspirational, Motivational and Uplifting Books Tapes, CD's and Angels | Eagleheart Angels are Watching Over YOU! | New Page Title
Bookstore, Inspirational, Motivational and Uplifting Books Tapes, CD's and Angels

About Bonnie Joy Eagleheart ...

Bonnie Joy has been a professional Clairvoyant Psychic for over 30 years. She was born with the Gift from God and is the fourth generation in her family to have this gift.

Her steadfast faith in the Goodness of God from her life-long personal relationship with God and the Divine Spirit. She has studied with the most remarkable teachers and craves greater and greater clairity and perfection in her readings.

Devoting her life to serving the planet and all of its lifeforms, Bonnie Joy is always willing to lend a helping hand. Animals love her, her clients are devoted to her and her adopted daughter is the light of her life.

You'll never meet a more loving, gentle, talented person!

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Bonnie Joy's Business Philosophy

Bonnie Joy has dedicated her life to helping people become the best that they can be. She has choosen a life of service because her guides and spiritual teachings have shown her that to love and to serve is the highest form of worship and her personal gift to God.

She will gladly share with you her insights and guidance from Spirit so that you can examine your life and future.

Life is not a roll of movie film that can just be fast-forwarded to see what the ending is like. Rather it is fluid and ever-changing ... and best of all ... it is in your control, whether you realize it or not. The Truth Bonnie Joy gives you will set you FREE, and when you examine your life, you are better able to consciously make the best choices for yourself!

When you come into conscious, vital realization of those great Spiritual Forces working within you and begin to use them in your own life, your future will be impelled to greatness and happiness!

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