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Eagleheart Visions ... 619-434-9776

Spiritual Rituals to Accomplish Your Every Desire!
Bonnie Joy is Spiritually Gifted and Trained
to help you accomplish your every desire.

If your request is for good, coming from positive intentions,
I will consider performing Spiritual Services in your favor.

My time is limited and my accomplishments and abilities are well known, so I carefully screens all requests.

If your need is great
and your heart is open
and your intentions are pure ...
I will help you!

It is important to understand that this work is is not what is known as "casting spells".   You should be cautious about such things because you don't want to be giving up control of your life; you don't want to hand over your control to someone else.  In reality, this doesn't work, you still have to contend with your own problems.  There truly is not anyone who has more power than you do, conected to the spirit of God, anyway!

Asking for "Spells" makes the asumption that Power is outside yourself.  "I can't do this, so I'll pay someone who has more power than I to do it."  The fallacy in this is that Power comes from God and God is within each and every one of us.  The more we hand it over to someone else, the weaker we feel.  Spells leave you weaker and more vulnerable because you've diluted you own power.  

Intent is very important in any ritual.  If the intent is to manipulate or extract revenge, we interfer with an intricate framework, invoke Karmas we may not even think of, and interupt the natural flow of life.  I believe that every ritual should be aligned with God's Will or Divine Intelligence.  We don't always know what is best for us.  We need to consult and invite the Divine Intelligence and Wisdom of God.  Often you will be asked to pray, visualize, do affirmations or forgiveness work while I am  working with you.

Real magic happens when we align ourselves with God.  We may not always get the results we expected, but, we will get the Divinely Inspired Right Action and Right Results in accordance to God's Highest Plan for us.  What I do in my work for you is to support you through the process.  My work is very spiritual and links with your work so that you have the power to align yourself with God.  You are assured of better results because my faith is so strong and not diluted with the emotions you may be feeling about the situation you wish to change.  Where two or more come together on an idea, there God is also.  The power that is created when you and I work together is wonderful and the results bolsters your personal power.  

Life is an act of creation, a partnership between you and the Divine.  You have to do your part.  Events don't just happen, you make them happen.  The work you will do with me will help you in this process.  The Insights you gain will then be followed up with action.  Then, let go and let God do what God does best for us.  This is the real magic.

Also, be aware that God or Divine Intelligence does not always go straight for the goal.  God knows what must be done to create the perfect environment for your miracle to come about.  Too often we assume to quickly that our life is not working or we are not getting what we want right now.  We get impatient.  If we let go of our expectations, and don't force the exact result, we then can step aside with confidence and faith and let the Divine do the work.

There is order in chaos.  The world in which we live is a complex, interactive network and Divine Intelligence orchestrates its movements.  What may appear to be not what we want, may just be the stepping stone to an even better place than we imagined. I can tell you many dramatic stories of how this was true in my life.  Even though you can't see immediate results in your life, it doesn't mean that God isn't working right this moment assisting and creating a splendid life for you if you let Him.

When we resist the natural flow of life, we invite struggle and despair and pain into our experience.  Whenever you are struggling or in emotional pain, it is important to look at what you are resisting and why.  The experiences in life that we think are "bad" are often gifts in disguise.  Though they're difficult, they can serve as a wake-up call to correct our lives and return to a state of balance, allowing us to pursue paths of even greater fulfillment.  Life should be effortless, not necessarily without challenges, but not a difficult struggle ... rather effortless changes and growth.  That's how miracles happen!

There are professional fees charged for her services.

Please send an e-mail telling me about what it is that you desire; tell me about your situation and what you need help with.  Be sure to explain not only the results that you want, but, also, the reasons behind your request.  I take three days to consider your request.  If I feel like I would like to help you, I will call you and discuss things with you.  It is important to include your name, address, phone number with area code and date of birth.

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