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Eagleheart Visions ...
4th generation, sincere & loving clairvoyant,
30 years professional, with 95% recall rate ...  
is Reaching Out to YOU! 619-434-9776

Welcome . . .
Bonnie Joy Eagleheart, Empathic Clairvoyant,
has loving and important messages just for YOU!

You are meant to be loved, joyous, prosperous, and peaceful... Let Bonnie Joy help you get to the heart of your situation! She can psychically, lovingly, honestly light the way for you!

Eagleheart has been a closely guarded secret until now. She was known to a small number of clients, celebrities, business professionals and only those who were spiritually led to her. Suddenly, the time has come! Bonnie Joy was told that she should now make herself available to everyone as quickly as possible.

Let Bonnie Joy help you get to the heart of your situation!

She can light the way for you through your life challenges, crisis, questions and concerns. She embraces you in love and light. You feel uplifted when you talk to her. When a person becomes her client, they feel blessed and remain with her for years. Even though her time is limited, Bonnie Joy makes you feel that you are very special and important.

Bonnie Joy is Spiritually Gifted and Trained to help you accomplish your every desire. If your request is for good, coming from positive intentions, Bonnie Joy will consider performing Spiritual Services in your favor. Again, her time is limited and her accomplishments and abilities are well known, so she carefully screens all requests. If your need is great and your heart is open and your intentions are pure ... she will help you!

 I'd love to hear from YOU!

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Bonnie Joy is Spiritually Gifted and Highly Trained ... She Will Help You Accomplish ALL YOUR DREAMS!

Read what her clients have to say:
"Bonnie Joy has helped me
so much ... I found the man of
my dreams.  I took her guidance
and my life is wonderful!
EK, Chicago, IL

"I've called many psychics ...
but no one has inspired me
and made me feel so wonderful
after a reading like Bonnie Joy
does.  She is accurate, sure,
but more than that ... She makes me feel empowered!"
                     FL, Cedar Rapids, IA

"I highly recommend Bonnie Joy's
services ... she always tells me the
truth and then helps me to accept
it or change it!"
MR, Brooklyn, NY

"I am astonished at the loving, helpful information I always get from Bonnie Joy. She makes me feel so good and positive about my situations and her advice has really been helpful to me."
                BT, San Jose, CA

" Bonnie Joy has saved me from
making some drastic mistakes.
Her advice is so powerful. From
my business affairs to my personal
life, her inspiration has been fantastic!
I have been consulting her for
over 10 years. "
CP, Manhattan, NY