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Eagleheart Visions ... 619-434-9776

Daily Inspirations & Prayers
For 2003 I will putting up this page weekly with daily inspirations and prayers.  So be sure to bookmark this page.  If you will e-mail me I will put you on my Inspirations list and you will receive them by e-mail.  It is my desire to reach out and touch each and every heart helping you create a glorious, creative, success-filled, love-filled and rich life.  Please send me anything that you receive that you feel should be included in this page.   Remember to accept all your miracles today!

According to all studies and polls ... we are all seeking love and intimacy ... it is number one on our list of desires ... way above money and wealth.  So this month, I am putting up a four week program to activate love in your life.  If you are married or otherwise already involved in a relationship this program will enhance and improve this relationship ... if the relationship is not right for you it will clear it out and bring in another relationship that is more loving and positive for you.  If you are seeking love, this program will help you find your Divinely chosen love.

Four Weeks to Unconditional Love in Every Aspect of Your Life ....

Are you Willing to give this a try for just four weeks?

For the next four weeks please do the following faithfully every day:

    1.  Establish and maintain an attitude of love and acceptance toward everything and everybody.  Let your main thought, when thinking of yourself and others, be the thought of love, acceptance, understanding and empathy.  Declare silently in your mind,
    "I love you and Bless you with God's Unconditional Love"
Remember, this goes for those you don't particularly like as well.  And especially for those with whom you are angry or who are angry with you.  Pretend or ask God's help for you to be able to do this .... but it is essential that you come to this loving and nonjudgmental state for your own good.

    2.  Everyday focus on how it feels to love someone and how it feels to be loved.  Be grateful for that love and the loving feelings.  Be creative .... this is the time to enjoy daydreaming.  Make this your own personal romance novel.

    3.  Everyday for the next month find someone or something for whom you can do a loving thing ... but, do it secretly.  The recipient (or anyone else for that matter ... so do not brag about this to your friends ... this is just between you and God!)  of your loving action should not know it comes from you.

    4.  Read the attached cards every day for the stated week.
        Week One focusses on releasing the past, thereby clearing the way for a more balanced, enhanced life in the present.
        Week Two explores the powerful healing dynamic inherent in loving your self.
        Week Three emphasizes loving others which radiates love out from us and turns into a vibration that acts like a love magnet drawing more and more love to surround you.
        Week Four opens your heart to the acceptance of unconditional love in all areas of your life.

You will be amazed at the wonderful and loving things that will begin
happening almost immediately in your life if you give this a try!

I have had wonderful, exciting results reported by clients who have actually taken the time and dedication to follow through and work this month long program.  In every case, the ones with the most exciting results did the program faithfully every day for the entire month.  The results will be amazing and the loving experiences will build your faith immensely!  If you really want love in your life ... try this.

Each week there will be a different affirmation to work with.  Write the affirmation at least 10 times each day.  Read it every chance you get.  It is wonderful if you can read it first thing in the morning before you get out of bed and last thing before you go to sleep at night.  Also, read it every chance you get throughout the day.  Make copies and post one on your mirror, the dashboard of your car, on your refrigerator, at your work.  The more times you read this affirmation and immerse yourself  in thinking about the affirmation ... the more powerful it will be.


First Week of March 2003
The healing action of Divine Love is working in my life today
to eliminate all fear and doubt.  As I forgive myself
for all past mistakes,
I forgive everyone else.
I release the past and embrace a joyous, loving future.

Second Week of March 2003
I am a creation of Almighty God!
I am the only being like me, unique for all eternity.
I love and accept myself as I am ...
a child of God!
I celebrate myself and radiate love to all and
attract only love to me.

Third Week of March 2003
I discover a greater depth of myself
as I radiate my love to others.
The unconditional giving of love to others in my life
enriches me and empowers me
with a new loving energy.
I richly bless all around me!

Fourth Week of March 2003
I dare to call to me my true soul mates...
my one true love
and my truest, most loving friends.
I accept all that love has to offer
and I willingly open myself
to the acceptance of love.
I am loved, lovable and loving!

Everyone who calls for a reading (619-434-9776)  will be added to my special
Love Prayer List, if you ask for it.
I will personally be praying for you throughout the month
to support your faith in the Power of Almighty God, so
that if you falter in your own faith ... mine will be there to hold you up
and help you through to a final positive, loving success.

Love will find the solution within itself to every problem,. Will answer every question.

Divine Love interprets itself to everyone who knows love, comes to everybody who senses love, impersonates itself in forms which are human, in experiences which are Divine.

The only person who knows anything about love is the person who loves.

Every act of human affection and love, of generous giving and receiving, of kindly relations with others, is an extension of the Spirit of Love flowing through us.  Life is the great Giver and each one of us  is a distributor.

Week of  February 2 through February 8th, 2003

Sunday February 2nd:
Life is in full free flow through me.
I am an open channel through which God
expresses life with abundance, love and happiness!

Today I go forth in joy knowing that God and His Infinite Wisdom is directing me.
Whatever I need to know, I know.  Whatever I need to do, I am drawn and urged
to do.  Whatever belongs to me, comes to me.  Whatever I need to give, I give
freely and joyously.  I know God always brings complete satisfaction in my life.
I only need to accept it and today, I accept it gladly.  I accept my good with
Thanksgiving.  I now let go and let God do what God does best by means of me.

Monday February 3rd:
Today I anticipate all events and relationships
with enthusiasm and expectation of good.
Ease, order, and right action prevail in my life!

Today I go  forth in joy knowing that everyone I meet is my friend and that I am
a friend to everyone I meet.  God's Divine Love protects me and His Divine
Intelligence guides me throughout this day.  I expect the best from all my
interactions, for my mind is open and my heart is full of love.  I accept my
good with thanksgiving.  I now let go and let God do what God does best by
means of me. Amen

Tuesday February 4th
Freedom is not a gift of government ...
Freedom is a gift of the soul.
Today, I find the freedom of my soul within
and I will experience the freedom
of God's grace without.

Today I go forth in joy knowing that God and His Angels are my traveling
companions.  I am protected as I move through traffic.  No matter the
condition of the streets or the number of people, cars or trucks on them,
I am not concerned, for I am safely guided to my destination by the
Presence of God within.  I am free to venture forth unconcerned. I now let
go and let God do  what God does best by means of me. Amen

Wednesday February 5th
Everyday, in every way
things get better, better and better!

Today I go forth in joy because I celebrate the abundance in all things.  I
acknowledge goodness working everywhere.  I expect it and I experience
it.  Knowing there is sufficient good to go around, I rejoice in the good of
others as I am fully aware that my own good is also at hand.  Thank you,
God, for the unlimited abundance of good in my experience now.  I now
let go and let God do what God does best by means of me. Amen

Thursday February 6th
Today I am free of want and selfishness,
and all that I do is purified by wisdom.
The light of the spirit fills my consciousness!

Today I go forth in joy knowing that God and I are one.  I feel this Divine
Presence in everything I do, say and see today.  I am breaking my habit
of judgmental criticism today and replacing it with loving understanding
and acceptance of where everyone and everything is at this time in their
path of growth.  I know that all paths lead to God and I allow others to be
on whatever path they choose.  I choose to be on God's path for me today.
I am grateful for all my insights and calm assurance today.  I now let go
and let God do what God does best by means of me. Amen

Friday February 7th
I am safe and secure in the arms of my
"Father which is in heaven," who is the
substance and the essence of all that I am
and all that I have.

Today I go forth in joy knowing that I am the beloved child of God, my
Father.  I release every person, place and circumstance in my life
lovingly into the hands of God my Father.  As a child of God, love and
equal-mindedness is my only acceptable attitude toward others.  I and
my Father are One.  As I keep my eyes, heart and mind on this truth all
things are given to me.  Even more than I can imagine, plenty and
plenty to share.  I now let go and let God do what God does best by
means of me. Amen

Saturday February 8th
I am poised and centered in the
Christ Consciousness and nothing
can disturb the serenity of my soul!

Today I go forth in joy knowing that the creative activity of God brings
all good things into manifestation in my life.  I am one with God, the
Supreme, the Highest.  There is no place where God leaves off and I
begin.  The Father and I are one.  There is only Perfect God, Perfect
Person, Perfect Being.  Behold, the Kingdom of God is within me!
I now let go and let God do what God does best by means of me.  Amen