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Eagleheart Angels are Watching Over YOU!

We are all hearing about Angels lately. I don't think that this is just coincidental.
Because of the times, the changes, the upheavals,
the angels are making extra efforts to make us aware that they are here to help us!

I have always seen the Angels. When my daughter was born and became a toddler, I was thrilled that she could also see the angels. She delighted in pointing them out to me with her gale of infectious giggles. It was a glorious time!

I believe in Angels. Do you? Have you watched the "Touched
by an Angel" show? I feel that this is the most wonderful way to explain angels in terms that we can understand. I am so greatful to the Mormon Church for sponsoring and providing this show to us all.

I have been visited by Angels all my life. They have spoken to me and given me advice, comfort and help. I hope that you
too can come to a place where the angels are visible for you.

Angels bring messages of love and peace, joy and happiness, peace and serenity, wisdom and faith, hope and healing, salvation and imspiration. They give guidance through the darkest days and light the way for you. They bring healing for the sick and give strength to us when we are weak. They bring hope when we are depleted and downcast, and they give joy for our depressions, and give motivation for our dreams. The miracles they offer us are abundant and our lives are beautifully touched.

We have only to go to the most sacred place within, be ever
watchful, and ask for the answers. Listen ... for the angels are whispering to us ... they are leading the way and making it perfect and harmonious.

Dear Mr. Graham:

Are angels real or are they just something people dreamed
up because we don't like to feel we are alone? Do we become angels when we die? Mrs. J.W.

Dear Mrs. J.W.:

Angels are real...even if they are unseen (except on rare
occasions). I am sure that when we get to heaven we will be
staggered to discover how often God's Angels protected us
or helped us during our lives, although we were unaware of
them at the time.

The Bible tells us that angels are spiritual beings, created
by God. In other words, they have not always existed, but
God created them for a purpose. The Bible states their
purpose in this way: "Are not all angels ministering spirits
sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" (Hebrews
1:14) They are a separate category of being, and we do not
become angels when we die.

Note that they are spiritual beings, not limited to time and
space the way we are, although in certain circumstances
they can take on visible form. When Jesus was born "a
great company of the heavenly host appeared ... "
announcing his birth to the shepards (Luke 2:13). Once
when some of Jesus' disciples were put in prison for their
faith" ... an angel of the Lord opened the door of the jail and brought them out" (Acts 5:19).

Take comfort in the promise of God's protection through his

Dr. Billy Graham

This has been excerpt taken from the Fort Worth Star Telegram. 2-99

"Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unaware." Hebrews 13:1-2

Thank you for visiting today. I hope that you feel more
relaxed and have enjoyed learning about angels. Be sure to
bookmark this page because I will be adding special
blessings from the angels often. Please visit often to find
more blessings, information and inspiration from the angels.
Peace be with you!

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